CCC ONE® Total Repair Platform

By bringing the critical functions of your business together in one application, the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform helps improve shop performance, capture more business and reduce costs.

Plus, the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform is a modular solution. Start only with what you need, and expand as your business grows.

Get CCC ONE for your Shop

CCC ONE® Total Repair Platform

We developed the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform, based on feedback from repairers like you. This platform helps drive the work within your shop, telling you not only the current state of repair jobs but, more importantly, where and when those jobs need to be completed.


Introducing CCC ONE™ Touch

Take your estimating to new levels of productivity with CCC ONE Touch.

Drive Business and Referrals with UpdatePlus

CCC ONE™ UpdatePlus sends friendly, personalized status updates via email or text throughout the repair process.

Electronic Parts Invoicing Is Now Available

This new parts invoicing functionality provides collision repairers with a paperless option for their parts procurement and invoicing processes.

Improve Repair Quality and Reduce Cycle Time

CCC ONE™ Repair Methods is the only solution that includes OEM repair procedures in the estimate, helping you improve repair quality and reduce cycle time.

Fix Auto USA Selects CCC ONE™ Total Repair Platform

CCC and Fix Auto USA announced that the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform has been selected as the technology platform for Fix Auto’s franchises.

How is the Collision Industry Transforming?

The collision repair industry has experienced a great deal of change over the last several years. So what is driving the transformation?