Drive Business and Referrals

CCC ONE™ UpdatePlus sends friendly, personalized status updates via email or text throughout the repair process.

After the repair, a quick survey is sent to measure customer satisfaction.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to growing your business, a key factor in your success is your customers’ satisfaction. You work hard to provide high-quality repairs and reduce cycle times, but how can you be sure that your customers are having a positive experience?

CCC ONE™ UpdatePlus keeps your customers informed during the repair process with a series of friendly, personalized status updates sent via email or text message. After the repair is complete, customers receive a quick survey, which gives you valuable insight into their level of satisfaction and enables you to respond to any issues.


Status updates are sent automatically as you manage the repair process in CCC ONE, eliminating the need for status phone calls and reducing the risk of miscommunication with the customer.


Updates are friendly and personalized with details about each customer, making them feel valued and engaged in the repair process. Customers reported higher satisfaction with the repair process when using CCC ONE UpdatePlus to receive status updates.


At the end of the repair, customers receive a quick survey that provides you with insight into their experience. This feedback gives you an opportunity to understand and improve your shop operations to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Engaged customers are happy customers. CCC ONE UpdatePlus makes it easy to stay in touch with customers and respond to their needs. Gain valuable insight into your customers’ experience and drive referrals with this powerful tool.