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Customer Testimonials

More than 16,500 body shops across the country are transforming their business with CCC ONE. To see how CCC is helping shops like yours run better and get more customers through the door, check out some of our customer testimonials.

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Customer Quotes

Touch Estimating

“Using the app allows us to give the customer a more personal experience, keep the customer engaged in the estimating process, and increases our capture ratio.”

Brian Huntley
Jack Maxton Chevrolet
Columbus, OH

“There is no more running back and forth between the car and the desktop computer. We’re able to work smarter, faster, and avoid duplicating work.  It’s a game-changer for our shop.”

Dan Neal
CarCare Collision Centers
Bolingbrook, IL

CCC ONE: Total Repair Platform

“It’s amazing to me the amount of information CCC has built into their program and the way they continually update it. It’s an all-encompassing product. It’s got everything I want.”

John Bock
Arizona Collision Specialists
Scottsdale, AZ

“The clerical end of what we do can be so cumbersome, time-consuming and costly for me as a business owner, but CCC ONE streamlines all of our processes and keeps everything in one place.”

Shane Funk
Xtreme Collision
Addison, TX

“The integrated platform is what drew us to CCC ONE.  I wanted as much as possible in one system to eliminate waste within our processes. CCC ONE has allowed us to do that.”

Dan Stander
Fix Auto Highlands Ranch
Littleton, CO

“When I first opened my shop in 2001, I knew I wanted CCC. It’s the best in the industry.”

Malcolm Pritchett
West Kentucky Collision
Hopkinsville, KY / Oak Grove, KY

Repair Workflow

“We can look at profit margins, analyze losses, and watch our cycle time. Day in and day out, it shows us everything we need to manage the business.”

Shane Funk
Xtreme Collision
Addison, TX

“The production schedule is one of the most useful features of the program – the information that it provides is phenomenal.”

Kevin Marvin
Criswell Collision Center
Annapolis, MD

“I’m a paint and body man – I don’t like working on computers. But CCC ONE is a necessity. It helps me manage the shop, so that I can focus on the work I love to do.”

Malcolm Pritchett
West Kentucky Collision
Hopkinsville, KY

“Before CCC ONE, we were spending hours making sure everything balanced.  Now everything automatically syncs.  It’s so easy.”

Luis Rebelo
Check Collision
Mattapoisett, MA


“UpdatePlus has helped us to tackle our on-time delivery and communication and has helped us improve our CSI scores.”

Tim Doyle
Lindsay Collision Center
Springfield, VA

“With UpdatePlus, we’ve cut down our phone traffic about 70%, which represents a huge savings in time and money, it definitely helps our cycle times as well.”

Tom Gillespie
Coleman Autobody
Lawrenceville, NJ

Repair Methods

“We are a proponent of Repair Methods. Vehicles are getting so complex – it’s very difficult to know if you’re repairing a car properly without that data.”

Dan Stander
Fix Auto Highlands Ranch
Littleton, CO

“Repair Methods is a great tool for accessing repair procedures. The graphics are great, and all of the step-by-step procedural information is there. It really flows nicely.”

Darrin Bernatowicz
Hansen Collision Center
Grand Rapids, MI


“CCC ONE gives me a whole new view of my organization and allows me to wrap an additional layer of quality around each repair.”

Tim O’Day
President & COO
Gerber Collision & Glass

“CCC ONE helps us manage our DRPs better. We receive notifications through the system and can quickly follow up with both the customer and the insurance company to begin the production process.”

Shane Funk
Xtreme Collision
Addison, TX

“With some of our DRP’s, our cycle time is down to around 2.5 days.  CCC ONE has a lot to do with that.”

Ben Tavakoli
All Foreign & Domestic Body Shop
Stockton, CA